Microsoft Windows Printing Fix Without Reboot July 2021

How to fix Microsoft printing without system reboot:

  • First we need to open windows command prompt as an administrator, best way to do that is type “CMD” in windows search field in the task bar. once found do a right click on “Command Prompt App” and choose “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR


  • We need to type the following in windows command prompt window:

We need to uninstall windows July update which causing the issue by typing:

wusa /uninstall /kb:5004945


We need to stop the spooler services by typing the following:

net stop spooler

Press Enter Key in your keyboard

Now we need to start the spooler services again by typing:

net start spooler

Press Enter on your keyboard


restart spooler

it’s good if we can pause windows update for the next 7 days until Microsoft fixes their update, do the following:

in your windows 10 go to windows settings:

As you see in the above screenshot, go to updates and security.

Now click on Pause updates For 7 days. see screenshot below:

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