Repair Network and Printers Sharing

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Repair Windows Network Sharing and Printers Sharing Permanently If you can't share folders between computers on the network anymore or if you can't share network printer because of Microsoft new Windows Update, Then you just came to the right place. All what it takes is running our script which will do the magic and hard [...]

Fix Printer Services Without System Reboot

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Microsoft Windows Printing Fix Without Reboot July 2021 How to fix Microsoft printing without system reboot: First we need to open windows command prompt as an administrator, best way to do that is type "CMD" in windows search field in the task bar. once found do a right click on "Command Prompt App" and choose [...]

Microsoft July Update Affecting LOTS Dispense

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Microsoft Windows July 2021 Update Affecting on LOTS Corum Dispense When you start LOTS, the application starts with a dialog showing that it's trying to connect to Database but it goes forever and never connects: How to fix it: Download the following file from Microsoft website then run it: MS Access 2010 Once the [...]

Fix Microsoft March 2021 Printing Bug

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Microsoft Windows Printing Fix for Windows update March 2021 Finally Microsoft has released a fix which can be downloaded from the following links: For Windows 10: Download kb5001649-x64 For Windows 7: Download kb5001639-x64 For Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012: Download kb5001640-x64 For Windows Server 2008R2: Download kb5001639-x64 Note: if you get error about Windows [...]

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